Understand Your Man Better By Going To The Market

He's not that complicated eBookThe marketplace surely doesn’t strike you as the ideal setup/location for any lady seeking to know her man better. You think picnics, dinners, going to a game together, a casual drive, even a sightseeing trip are better ways. Oh how wrong you are. Like a friend of mine says and I get confused -“He’s not that complicated“.

Going to the market together could provide you with invaluable clues about him, what he likes, how he behaves and very little details like nothing else will. While some men, a very few like doing their shopping themselves, going to the open market is traditionally not viewed as a “man’s thing”. So here’s what you should be looking out for.

  • Patience: His patience with the whole shopping experience is one thing to loo out for. It has been said that it’s traditionally not the man’s place to do the shopping. What this means is that a part of him would want the whole thing to end already. How he expresses this is crucial. Watch out for the signs: is he stealing a glance at his wristwatch every now and then, is he urging you to pick something already, then that’s likely to be one impatient dude.
  • Watch the little details: helping you carry the shopping bags, taking over the shopping if he senses you have He's not that complicated eBookdone it for way too long, getting you snacks or ice cream can be signs he is really caring.
  • How he spends the money: every lady wants a man who would readily spend money on them and the family so looking out for how easily he’s willing to spend is crucial. Facial expressions, grudgings and murmours, you can always sense the reluctance to spend if you pay attention.
  • Focus: yes focus and concentration are part of the things you can learn while out in the marketplace with your man. The marketplace isn’t the place for sightseeing and looking around, paying attention to things that don’t matter, picking items not on the shopping list etc. These reveal things about his¬†commitment¬†ability, how much he can shut everything out just to keep you and very importantly that he isn’t one to be distracted once he has set his mind on something. He’s not that complicated eBook reveals why men won’t play hard to get at certain things and locations. Therefore this might just an avenue to knowing your man better.

The rest you can figure out through careful observation and listening to your instincts. The marketplace isn’t just where you go to buy what you need, it could as well be where you get to go further in your knowledge of your man.